Motor Carrier Permit Rates

  • O/O (Oversize/Over-Dimension) – $30.00/permit
  • Overweight – $30.00/permit
  • Trip/Fuel – $30.00/permit
  • Superloads – $75.00/permit
  • Annuals/Blankets – $100.00/permit
  • Revisions/amendments/cancellations – $30.00/permit

*Prices do not include state fees / any additional state charges

**State fees vary, please call for estimated costs

***Credit card transactions will be charged a surcharge fee

PLEASE NOTE: Fees listed above are valid for states where ABC Permits maintains a direct account for the purpose of purchasing permits. For states where ABC Permits does not have a direct account, orders may be submitted through a third party which may include additional fees.

Permits having a state fee over $100 will be charged an additional Superload Fee. Some states also charge weight fees for self-propelled equipment or any axle over the state’s legal axle limits.

PLEASE NOTE: A $30.00 service fee will be charged for any canceled state applications once they have been processed and submitted. Any order that has already been processed by the state and cannot be canceled will be billed at full price to the customer.


Company Information:

  • US DOT Number
  • Federal ID Number
  • Legal Company Name
  • DBA (if applicable)
  • Physical Address
  • Billing Address
  • Caller Name
  • Caller Phone Number
  • Fax or email to send permits to


Power Unit Information:

  • Unit Number
  • Year
  • Make
  • Complete VIN
  • License Number
  • Licensed State
  • Unit Type (Tractor, Straight Truck, etc.)
  • Number of Axles
  • Routes:
  • States you are ordering permits for
  • Type of permit needed (Trip, Fuel or both)
  • Date permits need to be effective